Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Dry-type Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Dry-type Electric Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine with De-dusting System is dry type structure, mainly used to all kinds of waste copper line will be separated into tiny copper granuleand PVC, the application range of waste line diameter of 0.3mm to 20mm, automobile electrical route or car bottom line, motorcycle electric line, computer case line and communication cable etc. After crushing processing and shock treatment screen separation copper and PVC will be sorted out.Copper wire/cable recycling equipment can crush waste copper cable or wire into 1-5 mm granules mixed with plastic(PVC)&copper.Then use air, specific gravity and electrostatic separation technique to separate copper and plastic.So that the copper and plastic can be both recycled, greatly increasing their application values. By using totally dry-type physical separating technique there will be no environment pollution during the whole process and the separating ratio can be reach at 99%.
Dry-type Copper Wire Recycling Machine

Raw materials:

Used for various automotive wires, motorcycle lines. Battery Bicycle wires. TV wires, washing machines and refrigerator wires, air conditioners and other household appliances, telecommunications wires, computer wires, etc.

Main Equipments:

1) Cutting machine: the waste line cut into small size;

2) Conveyor: the first step of the debris transported to the second crushing device;

3) Crusher: completely separate plastic and metal.

4) Dust-cleaning fan: transport small particles from the second step to the classifier;

5) Grading machine: it is the core of the machine. Completely separate copper and plastic skin;

6) Dust bag: through the dust collector to collect the grading machine dust;

7) Air lock: regular operation to discharge dust;

8) Screw conveyor: the dust from the dust collector to the outside of the entire equipment;

9) PLC: controls all machines in the entire device. With emergency stop and timing functions.


1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, reasonable layout, easy installation;

2. Using PLC control system, intelligent operation, so that equipment even feed.

3. Crusher with roller crushing system, slow speed, large capacity, low noise, simple operation.

4. Crushing separation Dust removal equipment in the form of a combination of flat, easy to move and transport, but also increase the equipment is not flexible.

5. Equipment separation rate of up to 99.9%.

6. Recycling system can re-grinding semi-finished products to ensure that metal and non-metallic products completely separated.

7. The dust removal device can control the dust spill, so the dust removal rate is up to 99%.

Model QZ-400 QZ-600 QZ-800 QZ-1200
Processing diameter: Φ0.5-20mm Φ0.5-Φ20mm Φ0.2-Φ30 mm Φ0.5-Φ20mm
Overall dimension(cm)LxWxH 275*190*220 390*200*225 950*750*250 10000*8700*3100
Machine weight: 2100kg 3200kg 8350 kg 11200kg
Motor voltage: 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V
Output/hour: 200kg-300kg 300kg-400kg 1000-1500kg 8000kg-12000kg
Motor Power: 27KW 40.5KW 109 KW 118KW+15KW