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Waste Motor Recycling Machine

physical way to recycle the equipment, controlled by PLC. The manually selected stators, coils are transported to first crusher, second grinder, then through manetic roller to separate toiron and copper. The copper mixture are transferred to grinder to get smaller production, then to air separator to get purifier copper granular. The machine can reach a considerable economic benefits. The dust caused by crush and separation will catched by pulse dust catch system, which will prevent the environment from dusts pollution. 
Waste Motor Recycling Machine
The equipment adopts a harmless way to recycle waste motor rotor, applying dry-type crusher, high-intensity magnetic roller separator, and air separator to crush and separate waste motor rotor, to deal with waste motor rotor that are difficult to be dismantled by human by special equipment to get renewable resources. The whole process is conducted under negative pressure.
The conveyor conveys the manually selected material (waste motor stator and rotor) into the crusher. Hard material, such as big shaft, bearings, gear, and big iron block, are forbidden to mix the material. The crushed mixed material is conveyed to high-intensity magnetic roller to separate iron from ferrous metal (mixed material). The mixed material is conveyed to the grinder to grinder further to get smaller material. Then the mixture is conveyed to air separator to separate copper and non-metal. The crushing and separating process is equipped with pulse dedusting system, so the problem of dust emission is solved.


1. Controlled by PLC, the whole machine works in stable way.

2. Easy construction, stable running, little vibration and low noise.

4. First crusher is equipped with two axis, with the advantage of low noise, large torque and big crushing room.

5. The crusher can crush different materials easily. The second grinder is tear-type, consist of tinny cutter    and cylinder shank, which reduce the cost of wearing parts. The diameter of the axis in second grinder is 360mm, making bigger compact on the material.

6. Magnetic separator is made of two roller separators.         

7. Dedusting separation of pulse dust catcher can reach 99.99%. Not only catch the dust, but also meet the environmental requirements

Technical Parameters:
Overall dimension 1200*600*450CM
Feeding dimension 100MM
Processing capacity 1200-2500KG/H
Separation rate 97%
Dedusting rate 99%
Total power 127KW