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Waste Radiator Recycling Machine

Copper and aluminum AC radiator separating machine is used to separate copper and aluminum of the discarded air conditioner radiator and car radiator.The raw materials can be put into the all-in-one machine directly, after crushing, it will using the Air separation system to make the copper and plastic suspended on the screen. Then it can separate the Copper from the plastic by weighting method and the friction force which produced by the Surface of the mesh.

Put the material (waste radiator, water tank) to the first crusher for the pre-crush and the crushed material conveying by the conveyor to the second grinder. Then to suck out the magnetic material (iron) which on the conveyor via the single roller type magnetic separator for the pre-separation. The material after pre-separation will into the air flow separator for the second separation and separate the copper and aluminum. The whole production line is controlled by negative pressure and equipped with the pulse dust catcher to solve the dust problem. The dust cleaning rate is reach up to 99.9%. 
Waste Radiator Recycling Machine
The features of Waste radiator separating machine

1. The entire production line uses the PLC automated control system to achieve coordinated work between the equipment, stable feeding and operation.

2. Simple structure, reasonable layout, strong processing capacity, stable operation, firm and durable, safe and reliable.

3. Coarse crushing uses the biaxial shredder with low rotating speed and large torque, and the cutter and shaft are specially treated with alloy materials.

4. The entire set of equipment uses the negative pressure induced air pulse dust removal system to ensure a good working environment.

Technical Parameters:
Model QZ-2000A
Feeding Dimension(cm)
Separation Rate
Total Power(kw)