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Waste Refrigerator Recycling Machine

It is used for recycling scrap radiator.It is used for separating the outside aluminum foil and the inside copper pipe of wasted air conditioning radiator. Each set of this kind of machine just can separate two different specification radiators. Because the interval width of the copper pipe are different in the radiator, so we need you can offer us the width of the copper pipe of the radiator.

In China, the width of the radiator copper pipe is 21MM, 25MM, and 19MM. Besides, the thickness is one layer and two layers. Copper tube and aluminum can be recycled and sell directly into market.not only solve pollution problem for environment but also make profit.It can be used in recycling station and some other places.
Waste Refrigerator Recycling Machine

Feature of Efficiently Refrigerator auto car Automotive radiator scrap recycling machine

1. high automation degree equipment, full PLC control, intelligent security and energy-saving.

2. high efficiency, high production capacity. More efficient 10 times than the whole block dismantling .

3. Assembly line, easy to transport ,install and maintain.

4.carbide cutting tools, long service life.

5.all national standard electronic parts.

Working principle of Efficiently Refrigerator auto car Automotive radiator scrap recycling machine for sale

The dismantling work of Copper and aluminum water tank are basicly replaced by machines. The workers simply put the copper  aluminum water tank into machine.According to the density and vibration of the principle,the copper and alu can be got after crushing and separating.

Technical parameter
Waste refrigerator disassembly production line
Size 4400*700*550cm
Voltage power 248KW
Output 80-130 set/hour
Sorting Efficiency 97-99%